We teach a variety of subjects at Ordinary Level which are chosen to mold our students in an all-round manner and prepare them for any A-level combination whether sciences or arts and can apply for any professional course at University and institutions of higher learning and successfully get enrolled. The subjects we offer keep changing with time as we review our students’ needs and abilities.

MTC Mathematics
ICT ICT (computer studies)
AGRIC Agriculture
ECON Economics
BIO Biology
CHEM Chemistry
PHY Physics
TDT Technical Drawing (TD)
PE LUGLuganda
LUG LITLiterature
GEO GGeography
HIST History
GEOG Geography
ART F/AFine art
CRE DIVCRE/ Divinity


Name Comb Pts
Khwaka Esther MEG/ICT 20
Mugerwa Jackson PCM/ICT 18
Waiswa Tonny HAD/ICT 18
Wafula Jasper Obale BCM/ICT 17
Were Asumani MCA/ICT 17
Nganda Muzaham PCM/ICT 17
Naigaga Sophie HIL/ICT 17
Namukose Zakia LIG/ICT 17
Kabhoda Hamidu PAM/ICT 16
Mugabi Ibrahim PCM/ICT 16
Ataliba Shamsa HLD/ICT 16
Ndaula Darlington HAD/ICT 16
Mutebi Moses PCM/ICT 15
Gwebatala Ali F MEG/ICT 15
Babirye Kagoya S HLD/ICT 15
Nkulega Umar PCM/ICT 14
Babirye Natasha LAD/ICT 14
Naigaga Hamidah HIL/ICT 14
Namulondo Rehema HEI/SM 14
Byawano Anisha LEI/ICT 14
Isabirye Hassan HIA/ICT 14
Karegeya Derrick HDG/ICT 14
Mukisa Stanley HED/ICT 14
Mukama Benictor GEA/SM 14