About Us

Who we are

Victoria High School

Victoria High School Iganga is one of the best schools in the country basing on the previous performances in both levels. Therefore, by choosing to know about this great institution you made a wise decision. The school has an excellent conducive learning environment which makes it enjoyable, academically exciting and socially rewarding.
The school focuses on academic excellence, discipline of learners and God fearing students. It also cherishes in grooming students who will in future be leaders of great integrity, honest civil servants and great entrepreneurs.
The school has tight academic programmes making us improving on performance at both levels year after year. Therefore, I am sure that you too will equally enjoy and benefit from this system.We urge you to work hard since promotion in various streams is termly. The school has committed and hospitable staffs that will help you settle and fit in this academically fruitful environment. The school rules and regulations will guide you on how to conduct yourself while in the school


Our Mission

“To provide the best quality education to disciplined and hardworking students”


Our Vision

“To be the leading school in the country proving education for self-reliance”.


Our Motto

“Discipline and Hard work”


  • Religion

    We develop spirituary and God fearing students in all recognised religions
  • Campus clean workshop

    We have carefully and purposefully designed life outside the classroom at School .We engage our students in football , netball , Scouting, volleyball , basketball just to mention but a few.